Friday, July 17, 2009


8. Week 5 Workshop – 8, 9 & 10 June 09
Once a year, Malay culture group preformed a theatre show to the public. So, this week we had Malay culture group workshop on drama, dance and dikir, 3 days in a row.

9. Week 6 Audition - 15, 16 & 17 June 09
Its time to show what you got! We had to present our acting skills by reading their given script, dance and sang to them.

10. Week 8-13 Production
Judgement Day, the day where we got to know our roles in the theatre show, "Terasa" which means "Feel the pinch".

It's about malay community. Every time you hear "MALAY",
What is your first thought in mind? Positive OR Negative?
This is what we are trying to pass the message to the audience.

Although being chosen as an Extras (not knowing what my actual role yet), I was not disappointed as this is my first attempt. I know my abilities and weaknesses in dance and acting. Besides there will be more upcoming theatre shows and events.

During de-briefing, we were given an opportunity to express our thoughts & suggestions. A Question was raised: “How could we improve our training session?” Hmm.... what a great opportunity I had. Without further ado, I voiced out my opinion as follows which I have kept it for quite sometimes.
  • To improve time management. Since day 1, I noticed the training starts one hour late.
  • To improve in communication skill pertaining on instructions were wrongly given to team members who created unhappiness & confusion to some of the juniors.


What I have learnt?

Tarian (Dance)

  • Be more flexible.
  • Various dance moves.
  • Make new friends in the process.


  • Stage positioning.
  • Vocal projection.
  • Emotions and concentration.
  • Make new friends in the process.

Did I reach my goal?

To improve in communication skill pertaining on instructions were wrongly given to team members who created unhappiness & confusion to some of the juniors.

Overcome challengers

  • Stiff body but now more flexible.
  • Transformed from sporty girl to a lady-like.

Never be afraid to try new activities out of our comfort zone.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

7. Week 4 Tarian Class – 2 June 09 Tuesday

Before I start writing about this week activities, I would like to notify that it’s been two weeks that I didn’t go for drama class because drama class cancel on one of the week and I had to go for an event on the other week.

Alright, let’s start this week post. We had our tarian class at the atrium, 7 o’clock. Changed to our training attire and do some stretching while waiting for Abang arrival anxiously.

Abang wants to announce the names of year 1 tarian girls who had been selected for July’s “Inang” competition. Apparently, I was not selected and was not disheartened over the results as this is my very 1st time taking up performing arts. I knew i had done my very best. Fruitful experiences indeed.

For those who were not selected, we had to learn a wedding dance so that we are prepared if there is any wedding show.

* From the left, lady in green. That's ME.

At about 9.30pm, we had debriefed and the seniors asked our feedbacks and thoughts on today's training. I felt that today's training was a great experience and I will strive harder in my next training. That's all for the day.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

6. Week 3 Tarian Class – 26 May 09 Monday

7.00pm: Do own Warm Up and basic stretching
We had to start later due to graduation ceremony that held at the atrium.

7.30pm: Learn L.A – Layar Andayu
Layar Andayu is a dance routine from last year Malay Culture group production. It’s an opening act. Its combination of traditional dance steps created into one. I really had hard time learning the girl's dance steps, there’s twisting, turning, hips rolling, hopping and etc.
Layar Andayu production 2008 - Opening Act

8.00pm: Short break
Thank god, break- time. I really need to catch my breath before I could continue again. It was a fast pace dance.

While we were having our break, Abang called the seniors to rehearse and performed a dance number for him as there will be a competition coming up next month, June.

9.00pm: Continue L.A practice
Continue practicing the dance steps.


Friday, May 22, 2009

5. Week 2 Tarian Class – 18 May 09 Monday

6.30pm: Warm Up and basic stretching
There are some new stretching moves that I found out during dance class (Tarian) to flex a particular part of the body like the hip, wrist hand, shoulder and etc.

7.00pm: Learn “Lenggang”
This is my very first time learning Lenggang, It’s the basic traditional dance to learn. By swaying your hands and arms front to back continuously and lifting your legs 90 degrees gracefully while moving forward, backward and side to side.

We call our dance teacher, “Abang” means brother in malay. He teaches us four different dance Lenggang moves, the right posture and the right swinging hands techniques.

7.45pm: Short break
I didn’t know that dance could be so tough and tiring. I had forgotten to bring my water bottle. So I had to go Mac Donalds to buy a drink, I was so thirsty that I bought large light coca cola.
8.00pm: Back to Lenggang
Abang called us to gather around him, He wants us to do a small performance for him on what he had teaches us just now. Just by using the 4 different moves, choreograph a short performance and show it to him by 9.oopm.

9.00pm: Performance Time
* I'm wearing blue t-shirt and black trackpants. I'm at the right side of the stage and after the formation, I'll be at center front of the stage. Excuse my stiffness; this is my very first time dancing malay traditional dance, the Lenggang.

For your information, I was adviced not to display the music.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

4. Week 1 Drama Class – 11 May 09 Monday

I was quite nervous at first since this my very first time attending drama class. The class was held at Block E Level 3.29.

6.30pm: Short introduction session
There were some new faces, so we had to introduce ourselves again since they did not come for the MCG orientation.

7.00pm: warm up and basic stretching
I didn’t know that drama class also had to do stretching. I can say that I have the most flexible body in the class, which shocked the others.

7.30pm: 1st lesson, vocal & pitch
I had to learn to portray my voice from my diaphragm by practicing A, E, I, O, U, So that the audience can hear my voice loud and clear.

8.00pm: drama games
One of the games that I had to play was “Guess what I am doing?” we had to sit in a circle, one of us will try to act doing something by using sign language, non-verbal and the others will try to guess it. It was fun.

9.00pm: small skit
We had to split into 2 groups. Each group need to use their creativity to create a short and simple skit that gives a message in it. My group decided to do 7 princesses and a prince with his gay partner. The story was about 7 princesses were kidnapped by a wicked witch and the prince supposed to rescue the princesses but end up the gay partner did. The message behind it was that “Don’t judge the book by its cover”.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3. Planning my Goal

I have choosen my 2nd GOAL, which is:

SOCIAL: Join Malay Cultural Group - Drama & Dance (Tarian)

Why I have chosen this specific goal?

Throughout my life I have been involved mostly in outdoor recreational activities such as track and field, rock climbing, floor-ball etc. As being less feminine and to have brand new image, I have decided to join Malay Cultural Club. Moreover, I will be exposed and learn our malay heritage, cultures and traditional ethnics.

How I plan to achieve them?

I will attend training session once to twice a week which will be held in Nanyang Polytechnic, Andayu Club.

SMART Checklist

1. Is it SPECIFIC? Does the student know exactly what to do to achieve this goal?

I will join Malay Cultural Group at Nanyang Polytechnic as my CCA.

2. Is it MEASURABLE? Can the student find out at any time how much they have progressed and how much more they have to go?

I will learn to perform basic traditional malay dance, do some acting in stage drama and participate in school competition, if any.

3. Is it AMBITIOUS? Does the goal force each student to stretch to achieve it?

I must go for training session once a week for 3 hours and by the end of 3 months, I will anticipate and able to contribute as a team in this club.

4. Is it REACHABLE? Is the goal within the student’s reach? Is it realistic?

I will definitely learn to dance traditionally, acting and etc. it helps me to explore more and expand my ability in malay culture. I am able to interact with new friends or members of Malay Cultural Group Club.

5. Is it TIME BOUND? Does the goal have an absolute deadline?

1st Month: Attend training session and mingle with them.
2nd Month: Already know basic traditional dance moves and acting skills.
3rd Month: Learn more and perform in events or competition if any.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

2. MCG Orientation '09

Wednesday, 29 April 09

It's the orientation day for malay cultural group. That's when i got to know the MCG seniors and other freshmen.

At 6.00pm, I went to Block H lecture-theater 3 for MCG orientation. There was about 50 freshmen attended the orientation. I was in group H but then they changed the group name to "Dang Anom" since everyone in the group were girls. "Dang Anom" was a legendary malay woman warrior during the olden days.

After everyone had settled into their groups, the seniors start the orientation by introducing the EXCOs and members of MCG (Malay Cultural Group). Next, we freshmen had to introduce our self by telling our name, course and which sub-group would u like to join?

At about 6.15pm, the seniors got everyone to play 2 ice-breaking games. The first game was "One lie & Two truth", You have to tell others a lie and two truth of yourself and they have to guess which one is the lie. The second game was "Spiderweb", You have to tell one weakness and one strength to your group members and then you have to hold one end of a string and throw the ball of strings to one of your group member and he or she will have to do the same and continue until you see a web.

Then around 6.40pm, we had another game called "Amazing Race". My group members and I had to run almost around the school to find the clue and also had to do some activities to get the clue before 7.30pm. If not, we will not win the game but we managed to finish the game before the time runs out.

During 7.30pm - 8.00pm, we had our dinner and being told by the seniors, we had to choose one of our member to be a model and dress her up using recycled materials and also create a skit using 3 words "Apple", "Bee" and "Dance".
By 9.30pm, everything ended smoothly and everyone was happy to be there.
*As a closure for this post, i added a video and a summary of the skit.

It's about 3 royal servants and princess Snow-White having fun in the garden but end up into a tragedy. While the princess was singing, an unexpected bee flew into her mouth and as a result she fainted. To cure her, a group of dikir barat came and sang to awaken her.